Friday, June 12, 2015

Full Swing!

Summer is in full swing and June is full!  Our garden has been so fun and we love going to check the plants in the evening!
I love the sunflowers!  The kids run to change into their swimsuits when we get home and jump in and soon as they can!

VBS at day care starts next week along with a few days of art camp at Wall!  
I have been working on a little project for Emma's room. 
I will have to start looking for se cute fabric to cover the seat soon!   This little bedside table will be going to the painting chic in July!
I gave her a head start and sanded it for her;) lol

Also Thursday we had breakfast at work since Friday is my last day at CMA!  Excited for something new!
That was super sweet of everyone !


  1. Your garden is awesome!!! Summer is fast and furious!!

  2. love the life you live
    Love ya'll,
    your mother

  3. Love the sunflowers!!! How is CMA gonna make it without you?! :)